Assistant Manager - IT Security  

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Job Summary
To lead and oversee the IT Security team and functions of the company

Job Descriptions

  • Maintain, update and enforce IT Security policies. Liaise with other departments to ensure the policies are standard across and in line with company policy
  • Develop or enhance compliance of IT Security Policy and Access Control within the company
  • Ensure all staff understand and are aware of the IT Security Policy and Access Control
  • Responsible to prepare and ensure compliance for audit purpose
  • Responsible to enhance the company's IT Security with the latest trend, and minimizing any risks.
  • Establish and maintain regular communications with end-users, cross-functional teams and other departments
  • Conduct risk assessment and impact analysis
  • Work closely with regulatory for compliances

Job Requirements

  • Degree in Computer Science / IT / Telecommunication / Electrical & Electronics or equivalent
  • Minimum 5-7 years of working experience preferably in the Telco industry
  • Experience with ISMS or ISO 27001 ( preferable )
  • Experience with IDS, IPS, firewall, and other latest IT security products/systems
  • Experience with IT infrastructure and IT Network
  • Good understanding of the company's business direction, strategy, and procedures
  • Strong interpersonal and people management skills
  • Able to work with all stakeholders and users in providing support and achieving business goals
  • Must be able to lead the IT security team
  • Experience in running IT Security operation/platform