Assistant Principal Engineer - Network Service Operation (IP Core Operation)  

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Job Purpose

  • To lead, plan, organize and manage staff and overall operation for Mobile IP Core network, GRX backbone, SDN and NFV (MANO) infrastructure.
  • Support, maintain and troubleshoot issues arise in Mobile IP Core network, GRX backbone, SDN and NFV (MANO) infrastructure.
  • Support the implementation of new and on-going projects (e.g: backhaul expansion, software upgrade, UAT for new IP and NFV nodes, etc), review the changes and its impact of the project and manage & prepare failover reports to fulfil BCP requirement.

Job Responsibilities

  • Leading and managing the team effectively, ensuring appropriate allocation of resources to optimise productivity.
  • Identify and develop plan for upskilling and training for team members
  • Troubleshooting, diagnosing and resolving hardware, software, and other network and system problems.
  • Troubleshoot any VOC escalated to the team.
  • Perform proactive monitoring to ensure the IP Core and NFV infrastructure is running in optimal and acceptable condition
  • Maintain network KPI and availability.
  • Support engineering team in new and on-going projects

Job Requirements

  • Degree in Electrical & Electronics / Telecommunication / Networking or equivalent.
  • Relevant knowledge of Cisco/Juniper/ZTE/Huawei IP nodes configuration and maintenance.
  • Relevant knowledge of NFV & SDN nodes configuration and maintenance.
  • Knowledge of virtualisation infrastructure including Orchestration, OpenStack, Docker and Containers.
  • Knowledge of SDN Networking concepts and protocols such as NETCONF, OpenFlow, SNMP and REST
  • Knowledge of IP Networking, Routing, Services (IPv4, IPv6, EVPN, VxLAN, OSPF, BGP, QoS)
  • Hands on technical experience in analysis, troubleshooting to resolve daily network issues.
  • Good understanding on telecommunication infrastructure
  • Scripting and automating network tasks.