MarTech Specialist  

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Duties & Responsibilities
Serve as crucial link between marketing and IT. The role requires the ability to liaison within the marketing function of a business and then translate that marketing vision to a technology implementation to deliver on business goals.

1. Strategizing and Management of Owned Digital Platforms (Web/ App and E-Channels)
• Serves as super-user and product evangelist for a variety of digital platforms/ tools.
• Develops and implements marketing efforts to improve a business change management;
including implementation of new marketing technology rollouts, design digital customer journey (UI/UX) with understanding and knowledge of our backend infrastructure.
• Improve deployment of new technologies to increase customer engagement in all digital channels.
• Establishes Web and App project scope by studying strategic business drivers; discovering and validating business technical requirements and parameters; obtaining input from subject-matter experts; examining and recommending changes to current business practices.
• Develop Web and App solution by formulating objectives; planning project life-cycle deliverables; preparing installation and modification specifications; leading the exploration, evaluation, and design of technical solutions.
• Implements web and app solution by monitoring project progress; tracking action items; conducting design and implementation reviews; examining, researching, and resolving issues; escalating issues to appropriate authority; responding to team members' concerns; coordinating requirements with interested departments.

2. Deliverables and Reporting
• Plan, implement, manage, monitor and upgrade all digital marketing projects and campaigns on self-owned channels.
• Track and analyse app and website traffic flow and provide regular internal reports. Attain key performance indicators such as reducing the website bounce rate, increasing dwell time or improving conversion to assist in driving brand KPIs.

3. Internal and External Parties Management
• Liaison with respective stakeholders and agency to ensure campaigns are launched on a timely manner.Full stack communicartor - Collaborate with all staff and management to ensure owned platform content is aligned with business strategy and meets the organization's standards.
• Multiple platform management skills and ability to practice constant communication with internal and external parties in the business to troubleshoot, develop, set up and deploy their content - and ensuring there is a clear establishment of what can be created within that timeframe.

Job Requirements
1. Education/ What people Know:
Degree in any discipline, major in Computer Science, Computing or Web management would have an advantage.

2. Experience/ What people Have Done:
Had experience working in a marketing or web/app agency with functional knowledge, experience in using experience management platform & content management platform (AEM), and basic coding experience will be a bonus point.

3. Competencies/ What people Can Do:
• Good at handling time-sensitive projects independently and working within tight timeline given
• Able to multi-task, adapt to a fast-paced environment and have good interpersonal skills
• Discipline in execution and follow up of campaigns to achieve desired results.

4. Personal Attributes/ Who people Are:
• A passionate technologist with an innovative visionary.
• A consensus builder that can collaborate with cross-functional team.
• Must be fluent in written and spoken English or Bahasa Malaysia